Please Note:  Students will not be issued a certificate for this course upon completion.  The only courses in Avfuel’s Training System that are certified are Customer Service Training and Part 139 Line and Supervisory Fuel Safety Training.

The correct handling of aviation products is critical — it ensures fuel integrity, promotes safety, protects the environment and prevents damage to equipment.  AC 150/5230-4B Advisory Circular (AC) identifies standards and procedures for storage, handling, and dispensing of aviation fuel on airports.  The FAA recommends the standards and procedures in this AC for all airports,  noncertificated airports are not required to develop fuel safety standards, but the FAA recommends that these airports develop them.  The FAA does not intend this AC to replace airport procedures that are tailored to meet requirements imposed because of the use of special equipment or as a result of local regulations. AC 150 references both NFPA 407 and NATA  as well as the requirements for fire training at Part 139 certificated Airports.