How To Clear Your Browser Cache & Cookies


If you are experiencing issues with this site please log out and clear your browser cache and cookies then log back in.  If you are still having issues after performing these steps please contact your group leader or our support team with the details of the problem you are experiencing so we can help you.


Below are steps to clear the cache and cookies from the most commonly used browsers.

Google Chrome

Go to the three-dot menu () at the upper-right of Chrome to select Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data or History > History > Clear browsing data or More tools > Clear browsing data.


Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and select Options > Privacy & Security.

Inside Privacy & Security find Cookies and Site Data -> clear site data.


History > Show History to get a pop-up displaying every site you’ve visited.  Select and remove history. This will remove the cache and cookies without losing the cookies and cache for other sites you visited.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Go to the three-dot menu (…) in Microsoft Edge and select Settings > Privacy & security; in the fly-out menu, click the button under Clear browsing data that reads “Choose what to clear.”

Here you can get rid of browsing cookies and cached data.