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View Course Results By User/Student

To access course data for an individual, first select the course the individual is taking that you wish to see results for.  If you would like to see more detailed data for an individual than what you see in the table, click on the icon associated with that user under the course activity column.  

Adding A User

To add a user:  Click the “Add User” button.   You will be provided the option to add one user or multiple users.  After you type in the student’s first name, last name, and email address into the form, the student will receive a welcome email with a username and password and a link to access training.  Users will have immediate access to courses.  You will not need to assign courses to users.

Removing A User
To remove a user:  Click the box to the left of the user’s name and the wording inside the “add user button” will change to “remove user”.   Click remove user when you have everyone highlighted you wish to remove.  Users may not be removed if they are in progress with training.  If a user is in progress with training, please send an email to and we will remove your user for you.  Please include the user’s first and last name and your company name in your email. 
Adding An Account Administrator

To add a group leader (additional administrator):  Click the “Add Group Leader” button below.  (just under your list of enrolled users) You will be asked to confirm if the new group leader is an existing user (in your current list of users).   The group leader will have immediate access to group administration tools and will appear in the list of group leaders that appears just below the list of users. 

Users don't have email addresses?

Click here to set up a gmail account.

Frequently Asked Questions

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